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Anthony Casso Quotes

Anthony Casso
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Anthony Casso
  • Born: 21st May 1940 - Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A
  • Occupation: Mafioso
  • Associated with: Lucchese crime family
  • Nickname: Gaspipe
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"That was the beginning of the end of our thing"

Anthony Casso

"The Truth Will Set You Free, means nothing in the Federal courts"

Anthony Casso

"I am truly regretful for my decision to cooperate with the Government. It was against all my beliefs and upbringing"

Anthony Casso

"I have always hated rats and as strange as it may sound I still do"

Anthony Casso

"I consider myself to be a better man than most of the people on the streets these days"

Anthony Casso

"I help them and I get life without parole"

Anthony Casso

"Women are drawn to us, the power, the money, and we're drawn to them. But only in passing"

Anthony Casso

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Anthony Casso Biography

Anthony Casso was Brooklyn born and bred and once his southern Italian ancestry was aligned with his early penchant for violence it was not long until he was recruited into the professional ranks of organised crime in the Luchesse family.

Casso steadily rose through the ranks while gaining a reputation for ruthlessness with his enemies that earned respect amongst the mafioso.

During the 1980's Casso became the second in command of the Luchesse crime family but various power struggles with the Gambino crime family led to many unfortunate murders that heightened the authorities determination to take down organised crime syndicates.

The 1990's proved a decade too far for running crimanal rackets but nevertheless Anthony Casso still received a tip off from the FBI that he was about to get his collar felt by the long arm of the law.

For more than 2 years Cossa was a mob boss in hiding still pulling the strings until his eventual capture in 1993.

Anthony Casso then done the unthinkable by turning states evidence against all his former mob associates in a desperate attempt to avert a life behind bars.

Despite cutting a desperate deal Casso ignored the FBI's advice to keep his head down and his mouth shut until his various indiscretions eventually reached a tipping point whereby the authorities rescinded the leniency agreement they had with him and he was unceremoniously removed from the witness protection programme.

Anthony Casso has bizarrely become the first big crime boss to be removed from witness protection and is currently serving his 455 year sentence.

Anthony Casso quote I help them and I get life without parole